Memories of Jordan

Its been a while since I blogged…..Life has been pretty busy.  My oldest graduates from high school this Saturday.  I remember the moment I became a mother.  The feeling was like no other feeling in the world.  I did not know it was possible to love something that much.  Motherhood has not always been easy and I know I have made many mistakes, but somehow my children have turned out pretty good.  They both make good grades and have managed not to get pregnant or into drugs. 

Jordan, I cannot put into words how special you are.  You have never worried what others think of you and your sweetness and empathy is what most people only dream of.  Never has a day gone by that I am not proud to be you mother.  Thank you for being who you are.  I know you will continue to grow into a extraordinary young woman. I love you


About survivorcrazymom

I am a 43 year old married mother of two beautiful teenage girls and a great husband. I have survived...breast cancer, child sexual abuse, addiction, divorce, a multitude of family issuses. I am firecely loyal and VERY liberal (except when it comes to punishment for child abusers) I say kill them all. I am terrible with money but great with people. I have a gift for sifting through the bullshit where people are concerned. I am a HUGE Stephen King fan. His books saved me from many nights of abuse as a child...I read horror to keep me awake. The boogyman didn't visit when I was awake. I am writing this blog for two reason; 1. because I have a lot to say and maybe someone will benefit from it and 2. for my girls. Happy reading
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