Easter memories

Even though I was raised catholic, my memories of Easter are not of the violent death of Jesus or the resurrection.  Considering I am an agnostic, I am not even sure what I believe.   My Easter memories consist of Black patent shoes, fancy dresses, egg hunts and Easter baskets.  My mother made the BEST Easter baskets!  she always seemed to know EXACTLY what to put in them and she would somehow sneak into your room while you were sleeping and place the basket where you would see it the moment you woke up.  I can remember semi waking in the middle of the night and I would see the blurry outline of the basket and the feeling would be amazing.  Mom always seemed to know right when you woke up and she would appear and sit on the edge of your bed while you inspected your loot.  It was such a personal and loving moment.  I never remember an Easter when it was raining….the sun was always shining and the food was always amazing.    Thank you mom for creating such wonderful memories for me.  You always made every holiday special and beautiful.

On the subject of God and Jesus, I am not sure what I believe.  When I see the sun and my children’s faces or a beautiful sunset or sunrise, I am convinced there is a higher power.  However when I remember certain things that have happened to me or I think about the miseries of the world, I can’t help but wonder if he isn’t asleep at the wheel a lot of the time.

I hope you all have a great holiday and you are creating memories that last throughout the generations.




About survivorcrazymom

I am a 43 year old married mother of two beautiful teenage girls and a great husband. I have survived...breast cancer, child sexual abuse, addiction, divorce, a multitude of family issuses. I am firecely loyal and VERY liberal (except when it comes to punishment for child abusers) I say kill them all. I am terrible with money but great with people. I have a gift for sifting through the bullshit where people are concerned. I am a HUGE Stephen King fan. His books saved me from many nights of abuse as a child...I read horror to keep me awake. The boogyman didn't visit when I was awake. I am writing this blog for two reason; 1. because I have a lot to say and maybe someone will benefit from it and 2. for my girls. Happy reading
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2 Responses to Easter memories

  1. LOTGK says:

    “My Easter memories consist of Black patent shoes, fancy dresses, egg hunts and Easter baskets.”
    It is a little known secret among young male Catholics that black patent leather shoes really do reflect up. 😀

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