New rant on crazy mom’s

OK, I need to rant for a moment.  What is it with these crazy moms that over-inflate their kids egos.  Don’t get me wrong…your kid needs to have a healthy ego, but they DO NOT need to feel they are better than everyone else.  I have always taught my kids:  There will always be someone: richer, prettier, smarter, more talented than you…there will also always be people LESS richer LESS prettier LESS smarter and LESS talented that you.  The most important lesson our children can learn is to ALWAYS be kind to the LESS group and NEVER be jealous of the MORE group.  This is how we develop well rounded kids.

I certainly wont mention any names…..but I know a mom who no matter what her child is going through, she tells her…..”They are just mean because they are jealous of your beauty and because you are soooo much better”  This is just nothing but BULLSHIT.  This woman even proceeds to do this on social media site so everyone can be witness to her idiocy.  I am not sure…but I believe this person is a TEACHER!!! for gods sake, don’t they teach you in college not to do this kind of crap???????

I would NEVER tell my child if she is having an issue with someone that it is because they are better.  The first thing I always ask is:  “What could you have done differently or better to improve the situation?”

The most important thing we can tech our kids is how to get along with other humans, even the dull and ignorant, and how to communicate effectively.

OK, I’m off my soapbox now.  Any thought you may have would be appreciated….


About survivorcrazymom

I am a 43 year old married mother of two beautiful teenage girls and a great husband. I have survived...breast cancer, child sexual abuse, addiction, divorce, a multitude of family issuses. I am firecely loyal and VERY liberal (except when it comes to punishment for child abusers) I say kill them all. I am terrible with money but great with people. I have a gift for sifting through the bullshit where people are concerned. I am a HUGE Stephen King fan. His books saved me from many nights of abuse as a child...I read horror to keep me awake. The boogyman didn't visit when I was awake. I am writing this blog for two reason; 1. because I have a lot to say and maybe someone will benefit from it and 2. for my girls. Happy reading
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