Day one blogging and my “beautiful” girls

Went home for lunch and told my girls I was blogging…they went to the site and say…”way to put it all out there mom”  Is there any other way????? Remember what I said about my girls being beautiful……they are physically, but I take it all back…they were fighting during my lunch break,  (I will be glad when spring break is OVER)  Kinda tired of the guilt trip about not going to the beach.  NEWS FLASH girls, we are all redheaded, the beach is not the place for us….ANOTHER NEWS FLASH… when you say “F” U to each other..might as well just say fuck.  Same thing…..Is it wrong that I am kinda proud they are so feisty and passionate??? I don’t think so.  Anyway, please get along with each other and love each other, you both see what a GREAT relationship I have with my siblings…. NOT!  Please don’t forget how much you mean to each other.  On a side note, very excited to finally be back with my Dance mom group next week…(My youngest is on a dance team and I Love my dance mom friends.  GIRLS IF YOU ARE READING THIS….CLEAN YOUR ROOMS.  LOVE YOU BOTH.

One more thing…glad to have Friday off with my sweeties, I am sooooo sick of work right now.  I work with a bunch of right wing extremist christians, not really my usual crowd.



About survivorcrazymom

I am a 43 year old married mother of two beautiful teenage girls and a great husband. I have survived...breast cancer, child sexual abuse, addiction, divorce, a multitude of family issuses. I am firecely loyal and VERY liberal (except when it comes to punishment for child abusers) I say kill them all. I am terrible with money but great with people. I have a gift for sifting through the bullshit where people are concerned. I am a HUGE Stephen King fan. His books saved me from many nights of abuse as a child...I read horror to keep me awake. The boogyman didn't visit when I was awake. I am writing this blog for two reason; 1. because I have a lot to say and maybe someone will benefit from it and 2. for my girls. Happy reading
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